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Rick Fogg

Richard E. Fogg, Esq.

Founding Partner

Rick Fogg, a founding partner of Lineage Family Office, helps families develop purposeful programs to cultivate human capital in the context of family financial systems. He brings a technical background in law, tax, and business to a keen interest in people and families, and a steward’s heart. Rick’s primary calling is as a fiduciary, caring and mentoring individuals and families through life’s stages and transitions. He also writes and speaks on questions of interest to families with financial means.

Rick’s career started as an attorney helping families, family-owned business enterprises and real estate companies. During this time he gained exposure to business, tax, real estate, finance, estate planning, and conflict resolution matters. Over time, his role expanded to include fiduciary and business/asset management responsibilities. Rick is honored by the many client relationships that have endured as they have learned and grown together.

Rick graduated from Westmont College and completed his law degree at the University of Washington. Rick and his wife Shelley have five children. Rick enjoys tennis, golf, reading, and cultivating his craft as a bread baker. Rick also serves as a Managing Director and as President of Lineage Trust Company, based in Reno, Nevada.